Maiden Gully House

Case Study

A beautifully design and detailed family home. A young family looking to establish the home they will grow, play, laugh and entertain in for years to come. These clients were conscious of their environmental foot print and brought with them the desire to live in a home that offers maximum comfort.

Maiden Gully Home

This home demonstrates our Eco Start Specifications. With no major upgrade this home easily reached a 7 STAR energy rating. This is mostly due to the well designed north elevations and well placed glazing. 

The owners of this home have minimal need for mechanical cooling in summer due to the well designed shading.

The use of recycled brick and timber throughout the home offer a great industrial yet minimal styling.

Sustainability played a role in the selection of materials for this project. The use of timber, recycled brick and Weathertex cladding resulting in a reduced carbon foot print.

Thermal mass wall