• Looking for a hi-performance home? Let's get started


Our Ecostart specifications include increased insulation and double glazing. Along with commitment to Passive Design your home will demonstrate greatly  improved thermal comfort and efficiency with minimal additional cost.



An Ecoplus home offers a  hi-performance design solution that delivers great comfort and efficiency.

We pay particular attention to our double wall system that provides double the insulation over standard construction. Options for either a insulated concrete slab or deepened floor joist provide addition comfort throughout the year.

Ecoplus can be added into any home design with out compromise to your individual style.



Our Passivplus homes offer leading energy efficient design techniques stemming from the worlds highest Build Standard, Passive House.

Passiveplus has a strong focus on increasing air tightness and reducing thermal bridging. Along with attention to detail in our insulation system and hi-performance window upgrades, these home will require a fraction of the heating and cooling requirements most home owners often use.

Our airtight system requires mechanical ventilation which will guarantees the highest standard in air quality and provide a healthy home without the risk of mould which can be prevalent in poorly built homes.


Our process is simple

1. Orientation

Lets get to know each other.

It is important to us that we understand the intent of your new home build.

We discover what is important to you and ensure our building philosophy can meet your needs.

2. Site Visit & Concept

A site visit is necessary for us to get a true understanding of what we are trying to achieve.

We will complete a site plan if necessary. This is often the case on difficult blocks where design constraints may be present.

We will develop a basic floor plan based on design brief and site conditions.

3. Concept Design & Estimate

Concept plans are developed and presented with 3D modeling.

We will start to develop basic specifications and material selection as the design is fine tuned.

We will present an estimate for review and ensure the development of your new home is what you expect.

4. Specifications & Quote

After you are happy with the concept and estimate we will commit to working drawings and documentation.

A detailed specification will be developed with constant estimation review.

Plans and detailed specification are presented with a fixed price quote for your new home.


5. Contracts & Permit

Clients are presented with a HIA standard building contract after which we submit for a building permit.


6. Construction Phase

During the construction phase we keep in contact as much as possible and talk you through the build.

At any stage clients are able to make changes to the design, layout, and specifications of the their new home.

Approximately a week before hand over we will walk though you home to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

7. Move In & Warranty Period

After living in your new home for 3 months your house would have settled, and there may be signs of small cracks in paint work or other minor issues that need attention.

We pride ourselves on our after sales care and will arrange to fix any problems promptly.