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Custom Design & Construct

Our building design team Matt and Jess both share a passion for energy efficient design. With a basic design brief and budget we will produce a conceptual design that will become a platform for developing your new home

Over the years we have researched many building system, products and materials. All of our homes will meet the highest standard in design and energy efficiency tot suits your budget and design brief.


Standard Designs

We have a small collection of standard designs which demonstrate many passive solar features and are specified with eco-friendly inclusions. We use these designs to aid clients in visualizing what can be achieve on their block of land.

We will always encourage customization from these designs. This will produce a home more suited to you individual situation and requirements.




Passive House

Passive House is a set design criteria that will ensure you home meets the highest standard in thermal performance and air quality.

5 principles of Passive House include, high level of insulation, air tight, hi-performance windows, mechanical ventilation, and thermal bridge free construction.

Depending on your desired outcome, we can have your home Passive House Certified, or simply design, specify and detail a home that meets best practice.

Off Grid/Hybrid Homes

Our design philosophy is to build a sustainable home for the future. We have a design focus that understands the need for renewable energy. This is why many of our projects rely solely in electricity, (no gas). This enables clients to include solar panels to their home with future allowance for battery back up as this becomes a cost effective option.

We have special design consideration to allow for an easy transition to hybrid energy.

If your new home is completely off grid we have experience in accommodating these requirements to your home.



As a builder who specialises in eco-friendly homes, sustainability is clearly one of our core values.

While it is hard, almost impossible for the building industry to be completely sustainable, we believe in the implementation of a sound and achievable sustainability plan.

By implementing sustainable practices on and off the building site, we aim to achieve a lower carbon foot print.

Waste Minimisation & Recycling

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House Design

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Adaptable Housing

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Material Selection

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Challenging Sites

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The Future

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We deserve better homes.

This is the foundation on which our business was created.

In Australia, households produce around 20% of greenhouse gasses produced each year. Around 20% of that is contributed by heating and cooling, 11% lighting and 23% water heating.

Our environment demands a home that is properly designed, insulated and sealed. This will minimise the cost of maintaining year round comfort, and reduce our yearly energy bills and greenhouse gasses.